Edd P. – Austin, TX – 6/1/2014
Great, real barbershop. My dad was a barber for decades and this is the real thing. I’ve had three different barbers cut my hair here and every one was excellent. If you want a really good man’s haircut instead of a beer and a lame cut this is as good as it gets.

John C. – Austin, TX – 5/25/2014
If you are ever in need of a GREAT cut, go here! Trust me, it’s worth the drive/wait if your not close. I live in Avery Ranch about 20 minutes away & I will definitely be back. They took great care of me and both my boys (even the toddler). I highly recommend A+++

Mike E. – Austin, TX – 2/4/2014
Are you a man?  Do you like professional barbers? Do you like discussions about UT sports, hunting, fishing and other old timey manly types of subjects? THEN THIS IS YOUR BARBERSHOP.  Good Gawd, Darrell Royal used to get his hair cut here!  Come here once and you’ll never go to one of those faux barbershops again.

Mikey and Marcos are both great and Miss Kim is really good with your boys. Even the new guy is good.  Both my grandsons got their 1st cuts here and their twisting, fidgeting, and shrugging doesn’t bother Miss Kim in the least.  And it’s $15!  My lovely wife spends $150 (pre tip) every three months to get her hair done.  It takes me almost two years to spend that here!

This is the REAL DEAL.  If you meet the profile above you’ll never go any place else again.

Brennan D. – Austin, TX – 1/7/2014
I love this place. Very old school barber shop. It’s no frills but comfortable and they do great work. From the trophy animal heads on the walls to the TV playing the game, this is a place you can hang out in and get a good haircut for both men and boys. Lots of families come in on Saturdays. I’m partial to Mikey (closest to the font door) but everyone has their favorites among the 4 or 5 barbers there. Reminder that they only take cash and are busy Saturday mornings. Most cuts are less than $20. They are also one of the few places I know of that will do a traditional straight razor shave and a good one at that. Most of the time I just walk in and the wait is short. You might call ahead for a shave or something specific.

Jeffrey J. – Austin, TX – 7/2/2013
Mikey has been cutting my hair since I was at UT in 1998. You can’t beat the prices here ($15 for mens haircut) and you get the same hot  neck shave as the other more expensive barber shops.  Hands down, best barber in town.

 Matthew W. – Austin, TX – 11/19/2011
Mikey DeLeon is the best barber I have been to in my life.  No kidding!  I know lots of other people have been using some of the other barbers there for years.  It’s neat to see how they all have become old friends.

Paula S. – Austin, TX – 8/16/2011
My grandfather, my father, my husband and my son have all been/are loyal to Marcos at Sportsman’s Barber Shop.

From the mounted animal heads on the walls to the Longhorn paraphernalia to the barber pole out front, it is authentic, down-to-earth, and a great bargain. A real man’s man’s barber shop. Everyone there is so nice and friendly, sometimes my daughter and I even go along for the ride.

Once, while we were waiting, Kim even trimmed my daughter’s hair to keep it out of her eyes!